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Along with software development, our company is also engaged in production of cartographic products. Cartographic products are manufactured in accordance with the federal license

The main mode of using maps developed by our company, working with software system WEB-GLONASS, is the WEB - regime, i.e. all our maps the consumer sees on our website in the clear. At the same time, if necessary consumer use same special maps or maps with the stamp "Secret", we release such individual maps and provide them individual access to a specific user. In the "Overview map", for background information we also use geo-information from other public and cartographic resources.

Now there is a confident exclusion of paper maps with electronic maps and digital maps. GLONASS and GPS are growing rapidly and require more timely and accurate maps. Therefore, the paper maps obsolete.

Electronic maps, made by "Vi-Tel" - a GLONASS/GPS- maps with accurate roads and semantic data. Our department of cartography successfully creates new GLONASS / GPS - maps, as well as developing a map of individual areas of information provided by the customer and is ready to consider any comments and suggestions at your request.

Significantly reduce production time and improve the quality of cartographic products allow the company developed software for image generation and semantic layers.

All offer you the GLONASS/GPS maps with delicate precision developed by "Vi-Tel", and are designed for high-grade navigation and vehicle monitoring on the territory of Russia and the world.

We can also simply make the necessary maps for you to order.

The order of production of cartographic products in our department of cartography.

  • The customer makes a request in writing, specifying the area, its size, the desired scale and detail.
  • Cartography Department receives information from the appropriate database, is there a cartographic basis for the area to get started.
  • Our company receives permission to manufacture in the Middle Volga Interregional Management Survey.
  • In the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "TSKGF" acquired foundation.
  • Produced maps.
  • Maps are tested in Middle Volga Interregional Management.
  • The result of our work are the maps that are registered properly and with a certificate of registration.

Guarantee the quality of the GLONASS / GPS maps is a highly professional level of personnel and use their own software tools in the process of manufacturing of maps. We are also continuously updated maps of relevant information. And if the customer is required to map any specialized or technological information, such as pipelines, then we will do it quickly and efficiently.

Indisputable fact that the user audience INTERNET increasingly turning to online mapping resources. Naturally, this is a great opportunity for any company to go public. If you want to mention a particular object in the GLONASS / GPS map purely for promotional purposes, we are happy to help you implement this.

Working together we can make the business more profitable!

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